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News - Covid-19 20.05.01

The Corona virus is not over and will probably continue for a while. We placed remedies early in the shop with extended cleaning and mandatory appointments for all cases. The appointments have worked well for our business and we will continue to keep these restrictions until the authorities give us a clear sign of new approaches.
So far, you are all warmly welcome to make your appointment to look at fabrics, place orders or buy accessories for your outfits.
Take care of yourself and don't forget to wash your hands.




News - 20.03.03

Albini Seasonal shirt fabrics for SS20 have arrived to the shop. This fabric bunch is full of amazing fabrics to cool you down during the warmer days ahead. A mix of linens and light cotton, plain and patterned fabrics, casual or business, or why not a fresco shirt? This bunch open up for a lot of different shirts!
This bunch a great addition to our existing set of bunches. Browse to the right for some quick shoots and stop by the shop to have a closer look!

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